This Kitchen Island Normally A Huge Aquarium

Robert Kolenik, a Dutch fashion designer just who is targeted on high-end renewable design, has generated a wonderful cooking area counter-top who has an attractive huge tank for a base.

The truth is, the ‘Ocean Keuken’ is obviously formed like a big ‘L’ – the storage space area within the countertop is concealed with mirrors to help make the tank appear bigger than it really is. What’s more, the countertop increases using the push of a button, permitting the tank is accessed with simplicity.

Kolenik suggests that the countertop could be custom-made based on the client’s requires. Though their styles tend to be high-end deluxe accessories, he however centers around offering styles with reduced carbon footprints. Keep reading for Kolenik’s responses to us’s questions regarding their work!

More information: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: neatorama)

“I happened to be commissioned to style an extravagance property in which the customer had the desire a tank near the kitchen area area,” Robert Kolenik informed us. “Because with this we emerged to make one thing out from the field, which took us stop a while to engineer, since it has its own technical difficulties that people had to manage”

“The container is founded on a new liquid culture, so it’s low-to-zero maintenance. We incorporated an entire water filtering system, which can be really peaceful, and incorporated it in another of the four cupboards”

“Two aquariums have already been made thus far, and many needs emerged in this few days“

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