• I’ve Pareidolia, And I Create Characters Out Of This Faces We See

    Hey, I Am Keith! Most of the time, folks do not start to see the faces we see in inanimate things. Therefore, I made the decision to show all of them in a cartoonish means and compose small tales about all of them to create all of them to life. You’ll follow me personally on […] More

  • I Illustrate Evolutions Of Known Actors And Characters

    I’m Jeff Victor and I also’m an LA-based singer. I’ve created figures for cartoon at such studios as Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon system. Presently, i am being employed as a kid’s guide illustrator, nevertheless when i am maybe not attracting for work, i am attracting for enjoyable. I’m a big film fanatic and conveys […] More

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